Foreign Bank Accounts

January 20, 2014 by wnvcpa

  In recent years, the Bank Secrecy Act was established to require owners of certain foreign financial accounts to annually report to the IRS. The […]

Moving accounting to the cloud

July 1, 2013 by wnvcpa

Despite the hot and sunny summer in Las Vegas, my forecast for the future of accounting is very cloudy.  “The Cloud” is a broad term […]

State Taxes on Professional Athletes

May 3, 2013 by wnvcpa

As a huge Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan fan, I’ve witnessed how Jordan transcended the sports world through his fame and skill.  Though he is […]

Beware of the Risk of Financial Fraud in a Divorce

February 28, 2013 by wnvcpa

There is one thing that remains constant in these uncertain financial times, a person faced with the potential for a reduction in his or her […]

Did you refinance your Las Vegas home? Deduct the points!

January 24, 2013 by wnvcpa

With mortgage rates hitting record lows and government programs such as the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) 2.0, many Las Vegas homeowners and real estate […]

Charitable Contributions: Deductible or not?

January 16, 2013 by wnvcpa

There are over one million charities and foundations in the United States and these organizations rely on contributions to carry out their missions. The deduction […]

Construction Accounting in Las Vegas

January 9, 2013 by wnvcpa

As the Nevada economy slowly rebounds, we are beginning to see the signs of potential recovery.  One major indicator of the economic recovery is the […]

Fiscal cliff avoided?

January 2, 2013 by Mike Verville

Congress worked yesterday, January 1st, and passed the American Taxpayer Relief Act.  The bill made its way through the Senate and House.  Currently, it is […]

Disclosing Hurricane Sandy

December 21, 2012 by Eli Tanimoto

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy rocked the eastern coast of the United States with widespread flooding and gale force winds.  Hurricane Sandy is slated […]

Is your Las Vegas business compliant with its tips?

December 14, 2012 by wnvcpa

Las Vegas is a tipping town and Uncle Sam knows it! Las Vegas may not have invented tipping, but it has certainly become one of […]

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