New feature for tracking sales leads in QuickBooks 2012

November 29, 2011 by wnvcpa

A brand new feature in QuickBooks 2012 that our clients may find useful is the ability to track sales leads.  The new Lead Center can be accessed under the customers menu.  Contact information for leads can either be entered by clicking on the “New Lead” button or imported from an Excel spreadsheet with the “Import Multiple Leads” button.

Under the name field, leads can be assigned a status of hot, warm or cold.  The criteria for classifying a lead with a status is up to the business owner, but typically companies assign a warmer status to sales prospects with a higher likelihood of becoming customers to which they focus more attention.

When a lead is selected in the Lead Center, a series of tabs appear in the bottom pane.  In the “To Do List,” marketing efforts are planned out and assigned due dates.

When marketing efforts pay off and a lead becomes a customer, it is easy to transfer the contact information for a lead to the customer list within QuickBooks.  Simply click on the “Convert to a Customer” button in the lead center.

Although the Lead Center may not have the customer relationship management features to meet the needs of all businesses, it is a nice addition to QuickBooks that will be helpful for small businesses that either don’t currently track leads or manage them on paper or in Excel.

For a detailed analysis about the Lead Center in QuickBooks 2012, read this post by Charlie Russell on the Sleeter Group blog.

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