New Features of QuickBooks 2011

October 19, 2010 by wnvcpa

Several improvements were made in QuickBooks 2011 which may be helpful for your business, especially in the areas of billing, collections and customer activity analysis.  Below is a list of a few of the features in the new version that I had a chance to experiment with recently:

  1. E-mail from Webmail Accounts.  QuickBooks now integrates with Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail for sending invoices or other documents.  You don’t have to open a web browser, log in to your account or attach any documents.  QuickBooks does it all for you with the click of a button.  As with prior versions, you can also do this with Outlook. (note – when I tested this from my Gmail to my Yahoo e-mail account, it ended up in the spam folder, so make sure your customers have listed your e-mail address as a safe sender)
  2. Batch Invoicing.  This feature can save you time if you provide the same products and services to many different customers.  Here’s how it works: you select several customers using check boxes from the customer list, then you add items and can modify prices for the invoices.  QuickBooks then automatically creates similar invoices for each customer and gives you the option to print or e-mail them.
  3. QuickBooks Search.  This is a big improvement over the “find” option from previous versions (which still exists in QuickBooks 2011).  The new QuickBooks Search behaves much like a Google search and finds words or numbers throughout the QuickBooks file that is open (i.e. showing results in invoices, checks, journal entries, customers, vendors, etc.)
  4. Collection Center.  This is an interactive report that shows overdue and almost due invoices.  You can select all or some of the overdue or almost due accounts and send a “mass” e-mail notifying them of their account status.  You can also keep notes of your collection efforts for each customer.
  5. Customer Snapshot.  This new feature gives you easier access to information about a customer all in one screen (see below).  Also, it provides charts showing sales history and best-selling items (not shown below).  Analysis of this information is valuable for marketing and collection decisions.

You can see a full list of what’s new in QuickBooks 2011 on Intuit’s website.

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